Providing Skilled Labour for the Mining Industry

Through our network of specialists, we can support your team with a broad range of skill sets. We provide staff at short notice at competitive rates to keep your project on the move.

Stokes’ Professionals Are

  • Extensively experienced across multiple sites
  • Site ready, career miners
  • Flexible, problem solvers
  • HSEC trained and
  • Experienced production focused people
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Stokes Mining Services has supported major mining and industrial clients throughout the Bowen and Surat Basins including:

We Provide Qualified Staff

Open Cut Examiners

Open Cut Examiner (OCE) is not only a statutory role, but a vital part of all open cut coal mines and requires those appointed to the role to be conscientious, competent and safety oriented to create a safe, healthy, and productive mining environment that will assist in sustaining the commercial viability of the operation.

Senior Site Executives

Senior Site Executive is governed by the coal mining safety and health act. Most senior person on site, ensuring the management systems and effective safety and health management systems are being implemented.

Project Manager

Project Manager conducts full scale project work and documentation including liaising with client, developing a detailed project plan defining the scope of the project and assigning team members to specific tasks.

Mining Engineer

Mining engineers plan and supervise the processes involved with extracting minerals from mines safely. Often heavily involved in developing mines, scheduling, including assessing whether a mineral deposit can be profitably mined.


A mine site supervisor oversees operations at a particular department at a mine site, follow plans and directions given from upper management. A site supervisor is also responsible for problem solving and maintaining a high level of safety throughout the shift.

Heavy Machinery Operator

A heavy machinery operators work with various types of machinery and equipment to extract materials in a safe and productive manner. Heavy machinery operators play an important role on a mine site and are required to always follow all site operating procedures.

Pump Crew

Pump Crew complete dewatering duties in active mining environments, working independently or in a team environment. Pump crew members follow direction to install, maintain and monitor mine site dewatering following site procedures including environmental.

Drag Line Operator

A drag line operator will have the ability to provide the operation of a large-scale earthmoving equipment to remove overburden of coal. This vital machine ensures the production and cost effectiveness of overburden removal. A Dragline operator is classed as a multi skilled operator who works in a team environment that can conduct all aspects of dragline crew works.


Fitter and boilermaker are employed in the maintenance department of the mining industry. Responsible for assembly and demobilisation of heavy equipment, breakdown repair and ongoing maintenance.

CHPP Operator

Coal Handling Preparation Plant (CHPP) is responsible for operating, monitoring, and maintaining the CHPP and operating mobile equipment within the plant.

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