About Stokes Mining

Stokes Mining is a Central Queensland owned and operated Labour Hire and Recruitment Company based in Rockhampton.

The owner and founding director Arty Stokes, has been successfully growing the business and offering labour hire solutions to the mining industry since 2006. We offer a personable approach to meet each individual employee and clients’ contractual needs, priding ourselves in the ability to maintain great results from building trusting relationships. Specialising in the supply of skilled candidates and offering them the opportunity to develop in their career goals.

High Level Secondment

Stokes Mining Services provides high level secondment for the resource sector, with all staff having worked in the industry between 5 to 40 Years. Our team is extensively experienced across multiple disciplines and sites, and will be the support you need to keep things moving.

Whether you need an OCE for a month or a skilled dragline operator for a year. However long you need to back-fill a role, we can help you to deal with an expansion project or cope with accumulated leave entitlements.

Find out how we can help provide skilled staff for your site or project, tomorrow.

Our Team

The Stokes Mining team come with a diverse background of experiences. Combined successfully together, this has enabled our team to offer the valued support and expertise for a professional and personable approach to the onboarding, recruitment and management of business procedures for candidates and clients alike.

We pride ourselves in classing all Stokes Mining employees as highly valued team members. Our values and passion define our ability to add that personal approach to supply clients and employees with the guidance and support they need to find the right fit for each job.

Arty Stokes

Arty Stokes | Stokes Mining

Stokes Mining founder and CEO Arty boasts a four-decade tenure in the mining industry, with extensive expertise in various operational domains such as open cut mining, civil and production roles since 1979. As a skilled open cut examiner, supervisor, trainer, and mentor, Arty takes pride in sharing his knowledge with employees and clients in the Bowen Basin and surrounding regions. For Arty, it holds great significance to provide every job seeker with the same opportunity that he received all those years ago.

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